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What Is Special Programs?

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What is Tisch Special Programs?

The Office of Special Programs at Tisch School of the Arts provides access to the arts. Whether you’re an NYU or visiting college student, high school student or working professional, we provide you with the introductory exposure to the performing or cinematic arts and the advanced-level training to grow your craft. Individual courses and semester-long programs are offered in New York City and abroad. Our partners and our programs offer you the highest caliber of training in the world. And they are created to give you an experience that is, first and foremost, an industry-level experience.

NYU Students

You can take a class outside of your major, earn a minor and study abroad. Take classes in the winter, spring, summer or fall. Programs for NYU students include:

January Term
Open Arts
Study Abroad
Summer in NYC

Visiting College Students

If you’re enrolled at another college or university we welcome you to study with us for a fall or spring semester, or to take winter or summer classes. Study with us in New York or abroad. Programs for visiting college students include:

January Term
Semester at Tisch
Study Abroad
Summer in NYC

High School Students

It is never too early to train for a career in the arts. Spend one month with us before your senior year and our faculty of working professionals will give you an intense introduction to acting, experimental or musical theatre, filmmaking, photography, recorded music, or playwriting and screenwriting.

Summer High School Program in New York City

Adult Learners

You’re a working professional but want to take classes. Maybe to advance your career, make a career change, or just explore other interests. Take classes with us over the summer. You could even earn a noncredit certificate. Courses are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. Programs for adult learners include:

Summer in NYC
Summer Intensives and Noncredit Certificates