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Open Arts

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The Tisch Open Arts Curriculum consists of a series of courses open to undergraduate and graduate students at New York University, including Tisch and non-Tisch students. These courses are specially designed to give introductory exposure, foundational knowledge, and hands-on experience in various artistic fields to students who are not majoring in the field of the course that is being offered.

Students of different majors are given an opportunity to participate in classes in areas such as acting, dance, documentary film, film production, games, musical theatre writing, performance studies, photography, playwriting, producing, and screenwriting. Some of the courses also fulfill requirements and electives for Tisch Minors.  

Prior to registering for a course, students should consult their advisor about which academic program requirements the courses fulfill.


Fall 2015 Courses (Please be sure to select Fall 2015 in Albert.)

Fall 2015 Topics in Cuban Culture

Summer 2015 Courses

Acting for the Stage and Screen

January Term Courses