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January 2015 NewsletterJanuary 2015 Newsletter
01/30/2015 - We'd like to share with you some exciting news regarding Tisch Open Arts faculty Brane Zivkovic and his involvement with the restoration of Harry Houdini's silent film The Grim Game. We'll also talk to students about Cuba; one just got back from his study trip and two have recently started their spring semester there.  More
December 2014 NewsletterDecember 2014 Newsletter
01/05/2015 - We’re wrapping things up with some conversations with faculty about new programs for 2015, photos from our London students’ dress rehearsal for their performance of Timon of Athens, and of course we’re celebrating some student and faculty work.  More
November 2014 NewsletterNovember 2014 Newsletter
12/02/2014 - We would like to share with you two things we are thankful for: opportunity and collaboration. We witness this daily with our students and faculty. Take a moment to catch up on the inspiring work and projects that our family has been a part of. More
October 2014 NewsletterOctober 2014 Newsletter
10/30/2014 - Tisch Special Programs loves to share. Whether its alumni stories, alumni work, or news from the classroom, we want to keep our current and prospective students in the know. More
topSeptember 2014 NewsletterSeptember 2014 Newsletter
09/30/2014 - Are we really only one month into the fall semester? So many exciting things are happening with our students and faculty that it’s hard to believe classes haven’t been in session longer. Here’s the latest… More
August 2014 NewsletterAugust 2014 Newsletter
08/22/2014 - We’re going back…way back! Ok, so some of our stories are from this summer but our Open Arts faculty did take a moment to reflect on their early professional days. In this issue we're also taking you to Havana and Paris. Plus, don’t forget about the upcoming Tisch Special Programs admissions deadlines. More