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Program Dates

July 10 - August 6, 2016
Check-in: July 10
Check-out: August 6

The Department of Undergraduate Drama at Tisch School of the Arts combines rigorous conservatory training and broad-ranging academic education. The Summer High School Program is a condensed version of the professional training that characterizes the degree program. Each week includes 28 hours of conservatory training in either the Experimental Theatre Wing, the Meisner Studio, the New Studio on Broadway, the Stonestreet Screen Acting Studios, or the Production and Design Department. The summer program also includes a weekly seminar (Intro. to Theatre in New York) with professional guests (actors and directors) and faculty.

The emphasis of the program is on the process, not the product. Students are challenged to learn and to grow. There is no final performance in this program, but there are two opportunities to show work done in studio: one is a studio showing for students to share pieces of work with faculty and students, and the other is an open-class day that can be attended by family and friends.

  • High School Program Courses: (students apply for only one)