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New Studio Summer Music Theatre Program

Students take the following courses for a combined total of 6 points. (Within New York University, 6 points count towards elective credit in the Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts.)

THEA-UT 475 • New Studio Summer Music Theatre • 4 points

Students will take classes in Acting, Vocal Music and performance, Speech and Dance.   Dance classes will explore the dynamic range from Ballet, Broadway Styles and Contemporary popular dance vernaculars, such as Hip-Hop and Salsa, as they are used in the Music theatre.  Vocal Music and performance will explore healthy, vocal production, breathing and properly supported sound, the ability to act on the lyric and the wide range of musical styles reflected in today’s contemporary Musical theatre.  Acting and Speech courses will explore fundamentals of Acting through exercises and scene study. All of these courses will be taught with an emphasis on the Music theatre as a collaborative ensemble art form requiring proficiency in Music, Dance and Acting, first and foremost.

THEA-UT 860 • New York Theatre • 2 points

This weekly theatre studies seminar is taught by NYU faculty. It introduces the fundamentals of critical analysis of many of the live events students will attend as a group.
Some of the shows students have seen include The Nance, The Trip to Bountiful, Pilobolus Dance Company, Kinky Boots and Eat the Chicken, among others.