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Minor in Game Design

The Minor in Game Design is designed for students across the university who are interested in video games as an important new cultural domain. Games are emerging as one of the most vibrant, influential, and significant forms of 21st century culture. While video games draw inspiration from the expressive power of film and animation and require a combination of different technical and creative skills, it is important to recognize this new form as a coherent and well-defined discipline unto itself, and not merely a hybrid of existing media. Video games offer unique creative possibilities, and require their own specialized literacy. The purpose of the minor is to provide a solid foundation in the core conceptual, theoretical, and practical skills needed to successfully pursue advanced academic or professional work in the field of games.

In the Minor in Game Design students will learn the basic principles of game design as a creative discipline within a framework that combines critical analysis, historical development, cultural context, and hands-on game production.

The Minor in Game Design will require 18 points to complete. All students are expected to take the core classes for the minor which will provide an introduction to the core concepts of game design, the critical and historical analysis of games as a cultural form, and the collaborative and interdisciplinary craft of game production and development. These core classes will be augmented by electives which have been pre-approved for inclusion into the Minor in Game Design. 

Game Center faculty and administration, working with Tisch Open Arts, will be responsible for overseeing the minor.

Minor in Game Design Curriculum: