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The Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film

Studio Credits 8 points

Lee Strasberg’s approach to acting, known as the “Method,” stresses the way in which personal experiences (sensory and emotion memory) bring vitality to the actor’s work. As in all art forms, it is this personal spark that turns a skilled technician into a true artist. The teachers conducting classes at the institute have been selected because of their comprehensive knowledge of Mr. Strasberg’s work and their ability to apply it to the problems of the individual actor.

Work for the actor lies in the ability to create reality and the ability to express that reality. It is possible for an actor to experience but be unable to express that experience without proper training. Relaxation and concentration, spontaneity and awareness—valid training leads to a balancing of these opposites. The actor is encouraged not to settle for simple mental understanding but, instead, to push toward the totality of mental, physical, and emotional experience of which he or she is capable.

Elective Credits  4-10 points

On acceptance to the program, students are sent a directory of courses available during the spring semester.