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Minor in Film Production

The TSOA Minor in Film Production, is open exclusively to undergraduate students who are non-film majors.  The minor will require 18 points of credit. All students will be expected to take a selection of writing and production courses to fulfill the requirements of the minor.  An optional internship course at one credit is available during the summer. Students must be at least a sophomore to declare the minor and enroll in the courses.

This minor will offer all non-film majors a unique opportunity.  Students will develop a tactile understanding of how to write and direct a short film.

Majors in the Department of Dramatic Writing must consult their Academic Administrator before declaring the Minor in Film Production.

An optional one-point Media Internship (sponsored by the Undergraduate Film and Television department) is available to Minor in Film Production students. For further information, please contact Internship coordinator Adam Underhill at

The minor in film production curriculum consists of 5 classes and no less than 18 points.

Minor in Film Curriculum: