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Minor in Documentary

The Minor in Documentary was designed for students who are interested in using compelling forms of media as a means of social change.  The minor’s purpose is to increase a student's means of storytelling by examining the world we live in utilizing the tools of the documentary filmmaker.  Students will be exposed to the history of documentary and non-fiction film and the many varied forms it now comes in, as well as consider the ethics and issues that arise when documenting actual instead of fictitious subjects.  Students will be exposed to directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers of documentary films who will share their experiences on why they chose to tell the stories they did and how they went about it. The Minor in Documentary will be the first of its kind offering a structured curriculum that delves into the history, practices the hands-on mechanics of production, and explores the means in which to distribute the final film.

The Minor in Documentary curriculum consists of no less than 18 points.

Minor in Documentary Curriculum: