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Minor in Dance

The minor was designed for students across the university who are interested in learning about dance forms from around the globe, including modern dance and ballet, with the focus being on movement. By performing actual dance forms, exploring the history and sociocultural factors shaping those forms, as well as learning techniques of choreography, the student is given a solid foundation in dance.

Students will receive instructional training in movement and choreography in order to better understand the relation of their bodies to specific movements and how to construct a dance sequence. In order to gain insight and a certain mastery of various dance forms, students will enroll in classes whose focus spans countries like China and India or continents such as Africa and Europe. By utilizing these performance-based art forms, from ballet to folkloric dance traditions, students will gain further insight into the richness, diversity, and complexity of movement from around the world.

All students enrolled in the TSOA Dance Minor are expected to take the core classes for the minor though there is no set course sequence. These include courses that focus on particular dance traditions in locations as widespread as China, India, Europe, and West Africa; a choreography class where students will choreograph original works; and a history of world dance course.

The Minor in Dance curriculum consists of 16 units.

Dance and Culture in Havana counts toward the Dance Minor.

Minor in Dance Curriculum: